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Teaching Forum Vol 4:1 Spring 2002 Newsletter

  • The Graduate Student Experience: An Interview with Ann E. Austin. Ann Austin was the plenary speaker at this year’s GradSTEP conference. Her talk addressed a variety of issue related to how universities and faculty members can help their graduate students better prepare for professional careers, whether these careers are in academia or outside. Also, Dr. Austin provided valuable advice to graduate students to help them have successful graduate experiences.
  • The Teaching Exchange . Two Vanderbilt professors – Ken Frampton in Engineering and Jo-Anne Bachorowski in Psychology – reflect on their faculty experience in light of their experience as TAs.
  • Notes from the CFT Library: From First Day to Final Grade. MTF Leila Lehnen reviews First Day to Final Grade , a book for Teaching Assistants that’s available in the CFT library.
  • Learning by Doing. Four teaching assistants discuss how their teaching assistantships are preparing them for future academic positions. The TAs describe those experiences that they have found to be most enjoyable and challenging.
  • Services of the CFT: Offerings for Graduate Students . MTF Deborah Schussler describes services offered to Vanderbilt instructors by the Center for Teaching.
  • From the Students’ View: Learning from Teaching Assistants. Four undergraduates discuss how teaching assistants have contributed to their learning.