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Teaching Forum Vol 3:2 Spring 2001 Newsletter

  • Faculty Discuss One-on-One Work with Students. In this issue four members of the Vanderbilt faculty discuss their experiences with one-to-one teaching at Vanderbilt.
  • From the Students’ View: One-on-One Learning. From independent study to music lessons, Vanderbilt offers students a wide variety of opportunities to get involved with faculty on an individual basic. In this article, three students discuss the ins and outs of one-on-one learning and the way it has challenged them in their studies.
  • On Advising Undergraduate Research. Vanderbilt Professor Robert L. Galloway offers some reflections on his experience advising undergraduate research projects. Galloway is Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Professor of Neurological surgery, and the Director of the Center of Technology-Guided Therapy.
  • On Dissertation Supervision. Vanderbilt Professor Peggy Thoits has worked with graduate students at three major universities — Princeton, Indiana, and Vanderbilt — and supervised numerous dissertations. She has also been honored for her effectiveness as a mentor to women at Vanderbilt. Here, she describes her approach to working one-on-one with students during the dissertation process.
  • Notes from the CFT Library: Books on One-on-One Teaching. Here’s a brief review of several books and articles from the CFT library and also some books available in the Peabody College Library.