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SoTL Symposium


Each April, the CFT hosts the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Symposium which was held most recently on April 12, 2012 from 4:00-5:30 at the Center for Teaching.

The format included:

  • Roundtable sessions with fellow graduate students who’ve successfully applied their research skills to their teaching
  • Reception

Who is this event intended for?

  • Graduate students, as well as faculty & staff, interested in improving their teaching
  • Anyone interested in learning practical strategies and methods for developing, applying, and analyzing research projects
  • Those in all stages of the Teaching Certificate Program who either are currently or will be engaging in SoTL during cycle three.
  • Anyone wondering: why does SoTL matter and why should I care about this? (We’ll answer those questions and more)

The 2012 Symposium featured these Teaching Certificate Cycle 3 Participants:

  • Cassandra S. Koontz
    Missing the Forest for the Trees: Concept Map Horizontality and Performance in an Introduction to Biological Anthropology Course
  • Katie McEwan
    Learning German on the Internet:  How does a collaborative course wiki impact student learning in a fourth-semester German course?
  • Angela Cowser
    Using Rubrics to Improve Student Comprehension and Writing
  • Kim Scott
    A Comparative Analysis of Teaching Methods: Lecture Only, Demonstration and Hands-On Activities, and Written Instructions and Hands-On Activities
  • Wenyue Du
    Impact of Online vs. Traditional Paper-and-pencil Homework Assignments in Student Learning in an Introductory Biology

  • Rebecca St. Clair
    Students Prefer Standard Multiple Choice Questions

  • Menghun Goh
    The Use of Semiotic in Teaching Koine Greek

The 2011 Symposium featured these participants:

  • Gretchen Selcke
    A&S, Spanish – Task-Based Activity for Implicit Grammar Instruction
  • Hang Wang
    A&S, Mathematics – Effect of Daily Practice in Calculus Classroom
  • Jenny Retherford
    Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering – “Pacing” Homework Due Dates: A Lesson in Time Management
  • Joseph Conrad
    Medical School, Microbiology & Immunology – Influence of formalized technical/contextual lab intros
  • Kristin Jernigan
    Medical School, Cell & Developmental Biology – Cooperative learning – effect on student performance
  • Jim Wilburn
    Peabody, LPO – Improving Leadership through Simulation
  • Kate O’Doherty
    Peabody, Psychology – Collaborative Testing: Does it Work/Do Students Like it?

Wenyue Du shares her project at the 2012 Symposium


Menghun Goh answers questions about his SoTL project at the 2012 Symposium


Kim Scott shares her work at the 2012 Symposium
Joseph Conrad presenting at the 2011 Symposium