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These workshops focus on practical, concrete strategies for common teaching tasks, challenges, and opportunities.  These sessions draw on research-based best practices from the literature on teaching and learning and help participants consider ways to apply those best practices in their teaching.
Teaching Workshops are typically a mix of presentation, large group discussion, small group activities, and times for individual reflection.

What is SoTL?: Stepping into the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Date: Wednesday, November 5th

Time: 12:00pm-1:30pm (food will be provided)
Location: Center for Teaching, 1114 19th Ave South, 3rd Floor
Facilitators: Nancy Chick, CFT Assistant Director & Vivian Finch, CFT Graduate Teaching Fellow

Have you ever had a question about your students’ learning you couldn’t quite figure out?  Did you plan an activity for your classroom that didn’t match up with your expectations?  These are the sort of questions SoTL scholars explore in their research.  The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning affords instructors in higher education the opportunity to examine, through a scholarly lens, both student learning and their own teaching practices in the classroom, with the ultimate goal of contributing valuable pedagogical research to their respective fields and to SoTL.

Intended for graduate students and post-docs, this workshop will delve into the questions above and provide a clearer picture of what it means to be a SoTL scholar.  The workshop will also give you some basic tools to explore questions in your classroom, create SoTL projects geared toward these questions, or even further refine SoTL projects you may already have in mind.

Please RSVP by Monday, November 3rd. REGISTER HERE



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