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Teaching Workshops

These workshops focus on practical, concrete strategies for common teaching tasks, challenges, and opportunities.  These sessions draw on research-based best practices from the literature on teaching and learning and help participants consider ways to apply those best practices in their teaching.
Teaching Workshops are typically a mix of presentation, large group discussion, small group activities, and times for individual reflection.

Teaching in the U.S. Classroom: A workshop for international TAs

Date: Thursday, January 9th

Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Location: Center for Teaching
Facilitator: Nayana Bose

This workshop is designed to help international TAs effectively navigate the US classroom and gain a better understanding of Vanderbilt undergraduates. We will explore common sources of misconception about US undergraduates and see how International TAs and faculty have adapted to successfully teach in the US and enjoy this experience.


We will also specifically discuss strategies and tips to deal with some of the problems TAs face while grading, holding office hours, and conducting review sessions.






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