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Upcoming Faculty Teaching Visit with William Collins on March 20th

Posted by on Saturday, March 1, 2014 in News.

William Collins

Terence E. Adderley Jr. Professor of Economics & Professor of History (by courtesy) and Department Chair

ECON 266: Topics in the Economic History of the US

Professor Collins is an economic historian whose research concentrates on twentieth-century labor market and urban history. His recent work has studied changes in racial disparities in earnings and educational attainment, inter-regional migration, the economic impact of urban riots, the history of urban renewal programs, and the origins of the baby boom. In his course: Topics in the Economic History of the US, Dr. Collins offers an Analysis of major issues and debates in American economic history.

Date: Thursday, March 20th
Class Time: 9:35-11:50am
Location: Buttrick Hall, Rm 102
Facilitator: Joe Bandy
Discussion Location:  TBA

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