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Progress of Sustainable Fashion in Our Daily Lives

Students: Madeline Repath, Angelica Park & Mathilde Caindec  Faculty: Alexandra Sargent Capps                                                              Course: First-Year Writing Seminar – Sustainable Fashion



Our project was two parts: a sustainability guide and a reflection. Each team made a guide that encourages students and faculty on Vanderbilt’s campus to make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives. Individual students then created a visual and written reflection on their progress throughout the class and the importance of crafting by hand.

What knowledge or skills did you learn?

We learned there are so many simple ways people can incorporate sustainability into their daily lives. The fashion industry is overflowing with practices dangerous to the environment and human lives, so it is crucial that these issues get noticed. The problem can be on a global scale (e.g., air and water pollution, unfair wages, environmental regulations) or an individual one (e.g., textile allergies, environmental beliefs, reducing personal waste).

What made this project interesting for you?

This project was interesting because it connects to something we all wear every day—clothing. We believe in protecting the planet through conservation of resources, protection of wildlife, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, all of which connect to sustainable fashion. We were excited to put the tools to help aid these actions into the hands of students where they could learn and contribute to advocacy efforts in the areas they feel most passionate.