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Teaching Innovations at Vanderbilt: Ravindra Duddu and Cyberlearning Tools

Apr. 15, 2019—By Faith Rovenolt, CFT undergraduate intern I had the privilege to sit down with Dr. Ravindra Duddu, an Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering who recently won an NSF CAREER grant  that focuses on understanding Antarctic ice sheet fracture. To understand this phenomenon of iceberg calving, the grant proposes applying engineering tools and techniques...

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Flipping the Traditional Mentoring Model

Apr. 24, 2017—by Rachel Biel, CFT Undergraduate Intern This past summer I had the opportunity to intern for Spectrum Health—a healthcare system in my hometown, Grand Rapids, MI. For the summer I was assigned to work with Senior Project Manager Rebecca Content, whose project was joint venture with another local hospital to provide primary care and specialty...

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How do you teach novice scientists to be thoughtful, critical researchers?

Apr. 10, 2014—By Cynthia Brame   I recently had two experiences that spoke to this issue. First, I ran into my colleague Carl Johnson in the BioSci department at Vanderbilt. He said that he was finishing up getting ready to present at journal club, and that he needed to go take another look at the paper “to...

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