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‘socially distanced teaching’

Resources for Teaching Online, Hybrid, and Socially Distant Classes

Jul. 21, 2020—By Heather Fedesco, CFT Assistant Director Thinking about the fall semester and what our teaching will be like raises two very extreme responses. On the one hand, everything feels so uncertain. Will my class be entirely online? Where will my students be taking my course – on campus, in a different time zone, in a...

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Active Learning in Hybrid and Physically Distanced Classrooms

Jun. 11, 2020—by Derek Bruff, Director If you’ve read Norman Clark’s hypothetical day in the life of a physically distanced classroom, then you’ve probably started to worry about how faculty and other instructors might facilitate discussion, group work, and other forms of active learning this fall. If I’m standing at the front of the classroom with half...

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