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The Practice of Problem-Based Learning: A Guide to Implementing PBL in the Classroom

Posted by on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 in Library.

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The Practice of Problem-Based Learning: A Guide to Implementing PBL in the Classroom, by José A. Amador, Libby Miles, Calvin B. Peters, Jossey-Bass, 2006.

From the publisher: This book is a guide for the development and implementation of problem-based learning (PBL) in college-level courses. It provides practical advice from real professors, includes examples of PBL in action through every stage from problem development to implementation, and integrates cross-disciplinary experiences into the practice of PBL in the college classroom.

Its nuts-and-bolts approach makes it valuable to faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and faculty development professionals interested in learning how to do PBL, as well as to those already using PBL who would like to learn more about what other practitioners do in their classrooms.

Readers will learn what really is and isn’t PBL and why some choose to use it, what is its effect on the learning landscape, and how to overcome tricky issues such as class size, student resistance, controlling classroom chaos, conservative colleagues, assessment, and student evaluations. Extensive examples and resources for further study are included, making it a concise, yet comprehensive guide to launching a successful problem-based learning course on your own.

See the book’s ACORN record for call number and availability.

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