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VU Engineering Students Create Mobile Apps for Fun, Profit, and Credit

Posted by on Friday, May 21, 2010 in News.

This spring, the Vanderbilt School of Engineering’s magazine ran a story profiling Ben Gotow, a senior computer science major (now graduated, presumably) who has designed some very successful iPhone apps, including the drawing apps NetSketch and Layers.  Gotow designed those apps on his own, but he was also a student in an Engineering course that focused on mobile app development:

In addition to creating the applications, Gotow is one of more than 25 students in an innovative yearlong class launched by the School of Engineering. Developed and taught by Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science Jules White, MS’06, PhD’08, the course applies existing computer theory to new real-world models of networking and focuses on the creation of smart phone technology.

Engineering students interested in mobile app development have also started the Vanderbilt Mobile Application Team, and they’ve been busy designing mobile apps for a variety of campus organizations.  This initiative seems to be a useful blend of curricular and extra-curricular learning, tied into student interests and career preparation.

(There’s a CFT connection here, too!  Jules White was a Teaching-as-Research Fellow while a grad student at Vanderbilt.)

Image: Layers screenshot

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