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A Video Introduction to Team-Based Learning

Posted by on Monday, June 7, 2010 in News.

The Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment at the University of Texas-Austin has recently produced a very information 12-minute video on Team-Based Learning (TBL).  A core component of TBL is that class time is spent having students work through problems or case studies in permanent teams, usually consisting of six students each.  Students respond to questions about the problems or case studies individually, then respond to the same questions as a team.  Student grades depend on both their individual performance on these quizzes as well as their team performance, providing incentives for students to engage with the material on their own as well as with their team.  Class discussions are fueled by this individual and team work.

For more information on TBL, see the University of British Columbia’s TBL site or the UT-Austin video.  In the CFT library, you’ll find a copy of Team-Based Learning: A Transformative Use of Small Groups in College Teaching, edited by Larry K. Michaelsen, Arletta Bauman Knight, and L. Dee Fink (Stylus, 2004).  CFT teaching consultants are also available to help you think through ways to integrate TBL in your courses.

Image by Flickr user Runs with Scissors / Creative Commons licensed


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