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Show and Tell: Using Visual Thinking in the Classroom

Posted by on Saturday, January 22, 2011 in News.

by Derek Bruff, CFT Assistant Director

I’m leading a workshop titled “Show and Tell: Using Visual Thinking in the Classroom” at the CFT’s GradSTEP event this afternoon. Below you’ll find the visuals for my presentation, along with the workshop description for a bit of context. I like to post my slides before my workshops so that I can let workshop participants know that they can find my slides online. For more resources on this topic, consult our teaching guide on visual thinking.

Workshop Description: Our brains are wired to rapidly make sense of and remember visual input.  How might we tap into our students’ ability to think visually when teaching?  What roles can photographs, concept maps, flow charts, and infographics play in learning?  In this session, we’ll explore visual tools you can use to help your students comprehend and remember key concepts, understand complex information and relationships, and see the “big picture” in your course.  You’ll learn how to create more visually useful presentations and think about ways to use visual tools as part of student activities during class.

Image: “Eye,” Michele Catania, Flickr (CC)


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