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Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn: A Spring 2012 Graduate Course

Posted by on Friday, January 6, 2012 in News.

Grad students in science and engineering fields with an interest in teaching take note: The Department of Physics and Astronomy is offering a one-credit, graduate-level course on science pedagogy.

PHYS302: Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn Course #13242 Directed readings and discussion of topics in the teaching of science and engineering. Practical application of best teaching practices will be emphasized.

The class meets on Tuesday mornings from 10:10 to 11:00 a.m. in Stevenson 6322 and will be taught by Dr. Erika Grundstrom, Director of Astronomy Labs and Astronomy Outreach.  (Erika can be seen above inside a mobile planetarium she uses in her outreach work.) Please note that this course is open to any grad student, regardless of year-in-program or TA experience. The course will be particularly useful to grad students planning faculty careers (in part because hiring committees tend to look favorably on this kind of preparation for teaching), but just about any post-PhD job requires some form of teaching, so it will be useful to those not planning faculty careers as well.

You can enroll in the class via YES or contact Erika Grundstrom for more information.

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