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Upcoming Faculty Teaching Visit with Christopher Loss on September 24th

Posted by on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 in Events, News.

The Teaching Visits program is an important way by which the CFT promotes collaborative inquiry and reflection. Specifically, the Teaching Visits program provides case-based opportunities for Vanderbilt teachers to consider choices they have when constructing their classes.

A small group of visitors observes a host’s class on a selected day and then engages in an hour of conversation about the instructor’s strategies.They are great opportunities for Vanderbilt teachers to observe directly and then discuss various forms of teaching across the disciplines, building collegiality and expertise around inquiries into teaching and learning.

Christopher Loss

Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Higher Ed, Affiliated Faculty Department of History

HOD 1800: Public Policy

Policymaking theory can be dry and unexciting, particularly to undergraduates studying it for the first time. In a class called The Policy Process at Work, Professor Loss will demonstrate how he uses history to bring policymaking theory to life. Using assigned readings, small group work, presentations and discussion, the class will explore the theory of policy organization and implementation through the study of the 1944 GI Bill. By combining history and theory, this class will be of interest to teachers, regardless of their background and training, looking for new ways to make abstract theories understandable to undergraduates.

Date: Tuesday, September 24th
Class Time: 9:35-10:50am
Location: Home Economics 101A
Facilitator: Joe Bandy
Discussion Location: 205 Payne Hall

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