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Upcoming Faculty Teaching Visit with Luke Froeb on October 28th

Posted by on Monday, October 21, 2013 in Events, News.

The Teaching Visits program is an important way by which the CFT promotes collaborative inquiry and reflection. Specifically, the Teaching Visits program provides case-based opportunities for Vanderbilt teachers to consider choices they have when constructing their classes.

A small group of visitors observes a host’s class on a selected day and then engages in an hour of conversation about the instructor’s strategies.They are great opportunities for Vanderbilt teachers to observe directly and then discuss various forms of teaching across the disciplines, building collegiality and expertise around inquiries into teaching and learning.

Luke Froeb

Associate Professor of Management

Managerial Economics

Luke Froeb practices problem-based teaching in his economics course for business students.  Instead of describing economic models and how they are used in policy decisions, Froeb focuses on business problems of interest to his students and helps them understand how economic models and principles can solve those problems.  By leading with the concrete and the practical, Froeb motivates his students to engage with the more theoretical material and gives them tools for making sense of it.  Much of his class time is spent questioning students, drawing out their ideas and testing them against the problem at hand.  Froeb describes teaching as “a full-contact sport;” he doesn’t shy away from cold-calling students.  Recently, he’s experimented with the inverted or “flipped” classroom by providing students with short videos to watch before class, thereby freeing class time for more problem solving and discussion.

Date: Monday October 28th, 2013
Class Time: 11:20-12:50
Location: Owen Hall, Room 222
Facilitator: Nancy Chick
Discussion Location: Owen Hall, Room 220

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