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Upcoming “Students as Producers” Conversation on Teaching, October 24th

Posted by on Thursday, October 17, 2013 in Events, News.

As part of our “Students as Producers” theme year, the Center for Teaching will share and explore ways  that instructors can teach for this kind of learning.   Students, particularly undergraduates, are often seen as “consumers” of  knowledge, memorizing information delivered to them by professors  during class and then simply repeating it back on exams and essays.  But  we know that they can be “producers” of knowledge, as well, capable of  generating meaningful, creative work, even within the confines of a  semester-long course. Join us for our second Conversation on this theme

Producing, Performing, & Creating Learning across the Humanities: Models of Generative Learning Assignments

Date: Thursday, October 24th
Time: 4:10 – 5:30
Location: Center for Teaching
Facilitator: Nancy Chick
Audience: Faculty, Students (Undergraduate and Graduate), and Staff

Walk the halls of Blair Music School, and you’ll hear the students’ learning. In the Ingram Studio Arts building, you’ll see and even feel their learning.  Students in these and other arts disciplines regularly perform their learning, create something new to demonstrate their learning, or otherwise construct and not just consume knowledge—and often, this performance is for a wider and more authentic audience than just the professor. How does this generative, participatory model of learning occur in the humanities?  How can we humanists encourage our students to move from merely reproducing knowledge to producing their own?  How would it be different for the various disciplines of the humanities? What might these performances, products, and creations look like, and for what audiences?

This panel and discussion will feature Nathalie Dieu-Porter, Department of French and Italian, Alice Randall, African-American Diaspora Studies, and Rory Dicker, Women’s & Gender Studies Program who will share their experiences in engaging their “Students as Producers” at Vanderbilt.


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