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Upcoming Faculty Teaching Visit with Jay Clayton on October 15th

Posted by on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 in Events, News.

The Teaching Visits program is an important way by which the CFT promotes collaborative inquiry and reflection. Specifically, the Teaching Visits program provides case-based opportunities for Vanderbilt teachers to consider choices they have when constructing their classes.

A small group of visitors observes a host’s class on a selected day and then engages in an hour of conversation about the instructor’s strategies.They are great opportunities for Vanderbilt teachers to observe directly and then discuss various forms of teaching across the disciplines, building collegiality and expertise around inquiries into teaching and learning.

Jay Clayton

William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of English, Director of The Curb Center

ENGL 259: Digital Media (Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative)

This course explores “remediation,” or what happens to stories as they move across media, such as stories that are turned into online games. As part of their course preparation, students will participate in some of the class activities in the Vanderbilt MOOC with the same title. Visit this class to see the relationship between a MOOC and a F2F course, as well as the relationship between “New” and not-so-new media.

Date: Tuesday, October 15th
Class Time: 9:35-10:50am
Location: Yamada Room, Curb Center, 1801 Edgehill Ave.
Facilitator: Nancy Chick
Discussion Location: Curb Center, room TBA

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