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The Mindful PhD: In Case of Emergency

Posted by on Thursday, May 1, 2014 in Commentary, Resource.

The Mindful PhDby Nancy Chick, CFT Assistant Director

Before flying, we’re told to locate our nearest emergency exits.  If we’re sitting in the emergency row, we must verbally agree to the responsibility of working the  doors and helping our fellow passengers if necessary. Similarly, now that storm season has arrived in the South,* we’ve all prepared our “safe place,” the basement or an interior stocked with bottled water, flashlights, and a whistle. Families are making emergency plans: if the worst happens and we’re separated, we’ll meet at the elementary school.  In the current gun era, many of us have now gone through the preparations and training for active shooters on campuses.  And thanks to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), we even know what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse. We are prepared for worst-case scenarios. But are we prepared for what’s most likely to happen, what regularly threatens our classrooms and the lives of those around us on campus? More….

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