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Upcoming Converstation on Teaching with Dr. James Rhem Executive Editor, the National Teaching & Learning Forum: THE TEACHER IN THE MOVIES

Posted by on Thursday, January 29, 2015 in News.

The Teacher in the Movies

Friday, January 30th
Vanderbilt Center for Teaching
1114 19th Ave. South. 3rd Floor

James Rhem, Ph.D.
Executive Editor, The National Teaching and Learning Forum

Everyone carries an image of the teacher within them.  Just as everyone brings  “prior experience” to any relationship, every new teacher starts out on his or her career path toting notions of what a teacher is like and what a teacher does and what teaching in college is all about. Where do these images come from? From the teachers we’ve known and been taught by, certainly, but also from collective cultural ideas of “the teacher.” This hour-long presentation traces the archetype of the teacher as reflected in and portrayed by movies produced in the last 60 years – from “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” to “Mr. Holland’s Opus” and more recent films as well. Touching on over a dozen movies, the presentation will explore the public idea of “the teacher” and its private reality as we each carry part of it into our work.  The archetype of the teacher is explored along three broad thematic lines – “generativity,” “authority,” and “community.”

Movies discussed include:

  • “Goodbye, Mr. Chips”
  • “Apartment for Peggy”
  • “Blackboard Jungle”
  • “Waterland”
  • “Mr. Holland’s Opus”

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