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Teaching Digital Literacies: Six Conversations

Posted by on Monday, August 12, 2019 in Resource.

by Derek Bruff, CFT Director

How can we prepare students for a world where they both consume and produce media in a variety of digital forms? In 2018-2019, the CFT hosted a learning community for educators interested in exploring ways to teach digital literacies, that is, the skills and competences students need to thoughtfully learn, participate in, and contribute to our digital and multimedia culture.

Through a series of panel conversations featuring 17 faculty and staff from around campus, the learning community discussed critical media literacy, multimodal assignments, online communities, teaching collaborations, and universal design for learning. Thanks to our panelists for sharing their experiences and insights.

Below you’ll find links to summaries of this six conversations written by CFT graduate teaching fellow Chelsea Yarborough. Each summary features highlights of the conversations, including takeaways for instructors interested in teaching digital literacies.

  1. Teaching Media Literacy featuring Claire King, Lisa Fazio, Frank Lester, and Paige Clancy
  2. Multimodal Assignments featuring Laura Carpenter, Karla McKanders, and Andrew Wesolek
  3. Engaging in Online Communities featuring Jessie Hock, Amanda Little, and Patrick Murphy
  4. Teaching Collaborations featuring Sophie Bjork-James, Kellie Cavagnaro, Alexis Wells-Oghoghomeh, and Bobby Smiley
  5. Universal Design for Learning featuring Eric Moore of the University of Tennessee
  6. The Future of Digital Literacies featuring Douglas Fisher, Corbette Doyle, and Jaco Hamman

The sixth and final panel was a wide-ranging and highly speculative discussion of the future of digital literacies. You can listen to that panel on Episode 60 of the CFT’s educational technology podcast, Leading Lines.

Vanderbilt instructors interested in teaching digital literacies are welcome to schedule a consultation with me or with any of our teaching consultants. Call or email to set up an appointment.


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