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‘Summer Reading’

Make the Most of Your Course Preparation Time This Summer

Jun. 8, 2015—Summer time is here, and many faculty members have a break from their usual schedules, a chance to slow down a bit and start planning their fall courses. If you have a breather, you may find this an opportune time to review and refresh your teaching plans and practices.  The Center for Teaching is open...

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Summer Reading Recommendations from the CFT

Jun. 4, 2014—by Nancy Chick, CFT Assistant Director I think I’ve begun an annual tradition of offering summer reading recommendations. Last summer, I suggested a collection of short essays by famous writers looking back on the poems that made them fall in love with writing.  The summer before, I recommended a professor’s memoir of her days as a...

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Summer Reading: Research-Based Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity (Essays on Teaching Excellence)

Jul. 4, 2011—Research-Based Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity Michele DiPietro, Kennesaw State University The POD Network Teaching Excellence Essay Series, 2009-10 From the essay: “A cursory glance at the literature on cheating paints a bleak picture. In the past decades, the prevalence of cheating has hovered at discouragingly high level, with about 75% of students admitting to some...

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Summer Reading: Engaging Students, Assessing Learning (Essays on Teaching Excellence)

Jun. 27, 2011—Engaging Students, Assessing Learning—Just a Click Away Linda C. Hodges, Loyola University Maryland The POD Network Teaching Excellence Essay Series, 2009-10 “Three ongoing challenges for those of us teaching today’s college students, especially in large lecture classes, are: getting students engaged in their learning, assessing what learning is actually taking place, and competing with students’...

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Summer Reading: Facilitating Group Discussions (Essays on Teaching Excellence)

Jun. 20, 2011—Facilitating Group Discussions: Understanding Group Development and Dynamics Kathy Takayama, Brown University The POD Network Teaching Excellence Essay Series, 2009-10 From the essay: Facilitating discussions requires the ability to engage different perspectives and skills in response to the needs of the group. How well a group works together depends upon the dynamics among participants and the...

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