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Smile! You’re on Camera! – Using the Digital Video Consult Service

Posted by on Thursday, March 4, 2010 in News.

“Thanks so much for such a helpful video consultation. It was incredibly valuable for me to be able to talk through ideas about teaching. That process is actually one of the ways I learn best. I was, in fact, thinking of our consult the other day as I tried to step back and let the students have more of a back and forth discussion without me mediating every comment. The video consulting service is so useful, I’m hoping to take advantage of it again in the future.”

~A faculty member from the Blair School of Music reflecting on the Digital Video Consult experience

An effective way to improve your teaching is to take advantage of our digital video consultation. A member of the Center staff will film you while teaching, and then a consultant will briefly review the digital video with you to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Though most of us cringe at the idea of being on camera, there are many benefits to seeing yourself in action—and usually seeing yourself ‘on camera’ is less painful than you expect. You get to experience yourself in class as your students might, and you can focus in on your teaching in a new way, as you are not immersed in the moment-to-moment classroom process. Further, classroom dynamics become clearer. For example, you may suddenly notice students who are not speaking, or students who dominate discussion. Or, you may realize that you are lecturing far more than you realized, rather than facilitating discussion as you intended, and so forth. After the consult, the digital video is yours to keep, and can be a valuable addition to your teaching dossier. As always, this service is completely confidential. Visit our website to learn more about a Digital Video Consult.

To schedule a Digital Video Consult, call the Center for Teaching at 322-7290.


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