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Celebration of Teaching Spotlight – Workshop Panelists

Posted by on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 in Events.

As part of our efforts to cultivate dialog about teaching and learning at Vanderbilt, the CFT often features faculty and student panelists at our workshops.  The 34 panelists featured at this year’s CFT workshops will be recognized at our Celebration of Teaching on May 6th.  We’re grateful to these panelists for sharing their time and experiences with us and with the Vanderbilt teaching community.  This year’s panelists are listed below, all of whom are Vanderbilt faculty members, except where noted.

  • Jack Barkenbus, Vanderbilt Center for Environmental Management
  • Michael Bess, History
  • Gabe Cervantes, English
  • Doug Christiansen, Vice Provost for Enrollment & Dean of Admissions
  • James Clarke, Environmental Engineering
  • Jay Clayton, English
  • Beth Conklin, Anthropology
  • Mark Dalhouse, History
  • Bonnie Dow, Communication Studies
  • Peter Durand, Alphachimp Studios
  • Ellen Fanning, Biological Sciences
  • Ted Fischer, Anthropology
  • Katherine Friedman, Biological Sciences
  • Isabel Gauthier, Psychology
  • Sarah Glynn, Sociology graduate student
  • Michael Goldfarb, Mechanical Engineering
  • Sarah Hansen, Philosophy graduate student
  • Susan Hylen, Religious Studies & Graduate Department of Religion
  • Donald Jellerson, English graduate student
  • Susan Kevra, French
  • Adam List, Chemistry
  • Roark Luskin, Class of 2012
  • Bruce McCandliss, Psychology and Human Development
  • Dana Nelson, English & American Studies
  • Jane Robbins, Organizational Leadership
  • Bridget Rogers, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Howard Sandler, Psychology and Human Development
  • Mark Schoenfield, English
  • Ron Schrimpf, Electrical Engineering
  • Keivan Stassun, Astronomy
  • Monte Talley Hendrickson, Anthropology graduate student
  • Cecilia Tichi, English
  • Sarah Tyson, Philosophy graduate student
  • Joseph Wehby, Special Education
  • David Weintraub, Astronomy

More details on the Celebration of Teaching are available here.


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