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CIRTL Network Coffee Hour 4/21 – Academic Careers: Where Are Grads Going and Why?

Posted by on Friday, April 16, 2010 in Events.

From our colleagues at the CIRTL Network:

Join a CIRTL Network Online Coffee Hour
April 21 at 2 pm CT (1 MT/3ET)

a time to get together to informally talk with others throughout the CIRTL Network.

Mark Connolly will be facilitating a discussion on:

Academic careers:  Where are grads going and why?

Is being a tenure-track professor the only pathway for a PhD wanting to teach and do research?
What is important to you in you professional career and where are you looking?

Although tenure-track positions at research intensive universities are often portrayed as the ideal destination for doctoral students seeking an academic career, findings from a recent survey (see here) suggest that contemporary doctoral students see parts of these “fast track” positions as incompatible with a healthy work-life balance. Using the Mason et al. study as a starting point, this CIRTL Coffee Hour will discuss some of the  tensions and trade-offs that doctoral students are facing. We will also examine how professional development programs like those in the CIRTL Network can give doctoral students knowledge and skills  that make them more marketable for a range of academic careers.

For more information and a schedule of other upcoming Coffee Hours go to

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