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Call for Proposals – NSF Cyberlearning Grant – Due January 17, 2011

Posted by on Friday, October 1, 2010 in Grants.

The National Science Foundation is requesting proposals for its “Cyberlearning: Transforming Education” grants. From the call for proposals:

Through the Cyberlearning: Transforming Education program, NSF seeks to integrate advances in technology with advances in what is known about how people learn to

  • better understand how people learn with technology and how technology can be used productively to help people learn, through individual use and/or through collaborations mediated by technology;
  • better use technology for collecting, analyzing, sharing, and managing data to shed light on learning, promoting learning, and designing learning environments; and
  • design new technologies for these purposes, and advance understanding of how to use those technologies and integrate them into learning environments so that their potential is fulfilled.

Of particular interest are technological advances that allow more personalized learning experiences, draw in and promote learning among those in populations not currently served well by current educational practices, allow access to learning resources anytime and anywhere, and provide new ways of assessing capabilities. It is expected that Cyberlearning research will shed light on how technology can enable new forms of educational practice and that broad implementation of its findings will result in a more actively-engaged and productive citizenry and workforce.

Funding of around $30 million is expected for three types of projects: exploration projects, design and implementation projects, and integration and deployment projects. The deadline for most proposals is January 17, 2011. Vanderbilt faculty and staff interested in pursuing grants for educational initiatives are invited to consult with CFT staff about their proposals. More information about our grant consultation services is available here.

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