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Upcoming Faculty Teaching Visit with Lorraine Lopez, Associate Professor of English, Tuesday, February 24th

Posted by on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 in Events, News.

ENGL 199: Foundations of Literary Study

Imaginative Writing: Joining the Conversation Lorraine Lopez is an associate professor of English and co-director of Vanderbilt’s multidisciplinary program in Latino and Latina Studies. In this course, Lorraine helps her students consider the questions of what literature is and why it matters, using the students’ own creative work as a tool in this investigation. During the visit, Lorraine will guide students as they workshop five works of creative non-fiction written within the class, applying concepts and techniques from previous class discussion to a consideration of their own works. In the post-visit discussion, we will discuss how Lorraine scaffolds the class to help students develop the skills they need for this type of critique, including how she helps students see and negotiate power differences in considering others’ creative works.

Date: Tuesday, February 24th
Time: Class: 1:10-3:25 (class, 1:10-2:25; discussion, 2:25-3:35)
Class location: West Hall 107
Discussion location: West Hall 102
Facilitator: Nancy Chick

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