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All About Recording Zoom Meetings – New Guides for Faculty!

Oct. 8, 2020—Have you been wondering about recording your live class meetings? We have several new guides available on our On-Demand Resources page that will walk you through some commonly asked questions. Should I record my live class meeting? New! How can I record and share my class meetings with my students? New! How can I record...

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What is click tracking? How should instructors use it to improve their courses?

Sep. 3, 2020—Click tracking refers to the ability that both instructors and students have in Brightspace to see where students have clicked within a course. This tool can be very useful for students trying to track their own progress in a course and for instructors evaluating their own course design and learning activities. However, this tool should...

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Make your Brightspace course homepage work for you!

Aug. 7, 2018—When you (or your students) first click on a course from the main landing page in Brightspace, the default first page is a homepage that has the announcements tool and the calendar tool pre-loaded. However, the default is not your only option. In fact, you have quite a bit of control over what your students see...

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New Guide – Teaching Adult Undergraduate Students

Feb. 15, 2017—The Center for Teaching’s recently released teaching guide Teaching Adult Undergraduate Students is a tool for instructors and administrators considering the needs of adult (or non-traditional) students on Vanderbilt’s campus. Adult learners returning to college after military service, parenthood, or other life experiences may approach college in a very different way than their less experienced classmates....

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Link Your Online Textbook Content with Blackboard

Sep. 29, 2016—Does your textbook have online materials for students? Did you know that Blackboard can create a seamless link between many publishers’ content and your course allowing you to download content and import grades? Two new resources from the CFT will help you make the connection between your Blackboard course and textbook-based online platform.    ...

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SIPX: A Blackboard-Integrated Tool for Copyright Compliance

Sep. 16, 2016—You may have heard about SIPX, a tool recently acquired by the Vanderbilt Library to streamline the copyright compliance process for course readings. With the addition of SIPX to the Blackboard tool set, instructors now have the ability to find course readings themselves from the library holdings (or from other sources)  and place the links...

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