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Upcoming workshops address topics Vanderbilt TAs need to know about

Clickers, Clickers Everywhere Clickers are popping up in classrooms across the university – in physics, math, psychology, biomedical engineering – and other universities are seeing the same increase in use. And it’s easy to see why – clickers have been proven to increase class participation and improve attendance, assess class understanding of a topic, and…

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Bruff Quoted in Chronicle article: Cheating is Only a Click Away

A recent article in the the Chronicle of Higher Education included quotes from the CFT’s Acting Director Derek Bruff. The article, With Cheating Only a Click Away, Professors Reduce the Incentive, explores how common clickers – and the cheating associated with them – have become in university classrooms. Cheating with clickers, the article discusses, can occur…

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Summer Reading: Engaging Students, Assessing Learning (Essays on Teaching Excellence)

Engaging Students, Assessing Learning—Just a Click Away Linda C. Hodges, Loyola University Maryland The POD Network Teaching Excellence Essay Series, 2009-10 “Three ongoing challenges for those of us teaching today’s college students, especially in large lecture classes, are: getting students engaged in their learning, assessing what learning is actually taking place, and competing with students’…

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Video – Some Thoughts on Teaching with Clickers

by Derek Bruff, CFT Assistant Director A few months ago, I was contacted by Rachel Wheeler, an MEd candidate in secondary education here at Vanderbilt. As part of a new media practicum she was taking, she and her partner were putting together a multimedia website called Inside Voice that would highlight Vanderbilt authors. She asked…

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Clickers, Deep Learning, and the Value of Multiple-Choice Questions

CFT assistant director Derek Bruff has an article, “Multiple-Choice Questions You Wouldn’t Put on a Test: Promoting Deep Learning Using Clickers,” in the latest volume of the POD Network‘s Essays in Teaching Excellence series. In the article, Bruff describes four types of clicker questions that are useful for encouraging students to engage in meaningful ways…

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Clickers and the Teaching of Writing

CFT assistant director Derek Bruff has written another guest post for the ProfHacker blog hosted by the Chronicle of Higher Education. The post is titled “Using Clickers to Facilitate Peer Review in a Writing Seminar,” and it details one of Derek’s recent experiments with using clickers in his first-year writing seminar. It’s a common practice…

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Leveraging Student Laptops and Smart Phones – Highlights from the Conversation

Last week, the CFT hosted a conversation on teaching titled “Wireless in the Classroom: Strategies for Leveraging Student Laptops and Smart Phones.” This session, a follow-up to our earlier session focusing on policies on laptops use in the classroom, offered instructors interested in taking advantage of classroom Wifi and student mobile devices some ideas for…

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Leveraging Student Laptops and Smart Phones – Some Resources

What questions do you have about making productive use of your students’ laptops and smart phones? Submit them here via Google Moderator. Below you’ll find some resources relevant to today’s CFT workshop, “Wireless in the Classroom: Strategies for Leveraging Student Laptops and Smart Phones.” CFT “Wireless in the Classroom” Teaching Guide – This guide includes…

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10/12 Workshop: Wireless in the Classroom: Strategies for Leveraging Student Laptops and Smart Phones

Time & Date: 4:10 – 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, October 12 Facilitator: Derek Bruff, Assistant Director, CFT Audience: Faculty, Graduate and Professional Students, Post-docs, and Staff Panelists: Ken Debelak, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering; Betsy Kennedy, Nursing; and Jamie Pope, Nutrition Most Vanderbilt students own either a laptop or an Internet-enabled smart phone.  Instructors who wish to…

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Clicker Controversy at Johns Hopkins University

According to Inside Higher Ed, some students at Johns Hopkins University are protesting the fees associated with using clickers in their classes. The clicker vendor used at Johns Hopkins, eInstruction, charges not only for the clicker device itself, but also charges an enrollment fee each semester the clicker is used. Over the last few years,…

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