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10/12 Workshop: Wireless in the Classroom: Strategies for Leveraging Student Laptops and Smart Phones

Posted by on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 in Events.

Time & Date: 4:10 – 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, October 12
Facilitator: Derek Bruff, Assistant Director, CFT
Audience: Faculty, Graduate and Professional Students, Post-docs, and Staff

Ken Debelak, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering;
Betsy Kennedy, Nursing; and
Jamie Pope, Nutrition

Most Vanderbilt students own either a laptop or an Internet-enabled smart phone.  Instructors who wish to leverage these technological resources in the classroom have a growing set of tools for doing so.  Options include…

  • Recruiting students to serve as “Google jockeys” during class by searching for additional resources and perspectives to bring into class discussions;
  • Using student devices as part of classroom response systems, allowing students to respond to multiple-choice and free-response questions via a tool like ResponseWare;
  • Having students submit questions and comments to the instructor using a backchannel tool like Google Moderator; and
  • Inviting students to engage in peer-to-peer discussions about course content during class through Twitter or other services.

In this Conversation on Teaching, we’ll hear from a few faculty who have experimented with some of these tools and discuss strategies for making good use of laptops and smart phones during class while managing the potential for distraction these devices provide.  Please note that we’ll assume in this session that participants are interested in leveraging wireless Internet access in the classroom.  If you’d like to debate that idea, please attend our earlier session, “Wireless in the Classroom: Is a Ban on Student Laptop Use During Class a Good Idea?”

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