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Self-Registration Courses

May. 23, 2022—by Stacey M. Johnson Self-registration courses are Brightspace courses into which anyone with a VUNetID can enroll as a student. These courses cover a variety of topics and come from different offices, centers, and departments on campus. Find out how to register yourself for a course here. We hope you will self-register for the three...

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New Additions to the Course Design Resources Site

Dec. 14, 2021—Branching scenarios are much like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story. In a branching scenario, learners are taken through a scenario where they must make decisions based on the events that are presented. In the newest addition to the CDR (Online Course Development Resources) site, Carrie Sennet and Diana Vasquez (Vanderbilt School of Nursing) teach us how...

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New Guide on Project-based and Dynamic Collaborative Learning

Nov. 25, 2021—The newest addition to the CFT’s Course Development Resources (CDR) site, entitled Project-Based and Dynamic Collaborative Learning, is all about how instructors can design meaningful, effective group work through research-informed strategies and the intentional use of technology. The guide explores the research on collaborative groups and answers questions such as: How should we form groups? How can we effectively...

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Updated Guide! Dealing with the Unexpected: Teaching When You or Your Students Can’t Make it to Class

Nov. 12, 2021—  If you find yourself considering the question of how to deal with attendance and participation this year, you will want to check out our newly updated guide “Dealing with the Unexpected: Teaching When You or Your Students Can’t Make it to Class”. The most recent update to this perennially useful guide takes into consideration...

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